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May your days be merry and bright, and full of love and and wonderful winter-y adventures! 
Here is a little something I’ve been working on lately! :D They are tiny tiny wooden books hand-carved and hand painted! I will be selling prints of this soon! 
ALSO! i’ll be taking commissions for YOUR OWN PERSONAL TINY WOODEN BOOKSHELF! 10-15 books! A PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT! Email me if you are interested! annesley.williams20@gmail.com 
(also here is a size comparison with that thumbtack in the corner. its a normal sized thumbtack! so you can see the size of them! 
My little brother used to make this face all the time. Instead of doing homework, I drew little Marshall as Finn from Adventure Time! :)
Happy Autumn Dancing! 
by: Annesley Williams
Happy Autumn Dancing! 
by: Annesley Williams
heres a piece i did for electronic illustration II class. :) 

There is not a more accurate description of my feelings right now.
and also, view from steve and justin’s dorm last quarter. 

And so it begins. Also THANKS to Steve for taking the MOST Savannah-y photo ever. So much so that when I was told I needed to watercolor something that SAYS Savannah, the first thing I thought was his photo. Props, man. You perfectly captured Savannah. 👍 And now I get to watercolor it.
If you need me I’ll be in the library till it closes at midnight.

I absolutely adore watercolors. #annesleyart #workspace #watercolor #scad (at Jen Library)